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Why Kromin

Kromin allows its clients to bring ambitious projects to life. Starting from Data Analysis we shape Marketing Strategies and Digital Products, enriched by our Contents Media. We talk about numbers and results, our services are just the tip of the iceberg. The proactivity of our approach facilitates teamwork with our clients, making us proud of what we do.

Data, experience and innovation inspire our approach. We focus on innovation, researching new digital technologies to deliver new solutions and services.

We have a solid network of digital players who, like us, believe in innovation and contribute to the success of our projects.

Each member of the Team takes part in the Kromin project with his own skills. We love groups of highly competent people. Our Corporate Culture makes us a moving machine with focused and strategic choices. We ask our clients to get to know the teams working on the project personally, to give a face and a voice to each team member working on the project and its goals.


The new interactive platform that shows Jago through his Art


Professional translation service

Audi Roma

A new corporate sales process

Maui Jim

Increase productivity in stores


The 20/24 Digital Business Plan

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