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A new corporate sales process.

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01 |Overview

The client

Audi - L'Automobile Roma was founded in 2016 with the aim of combining the professionalism and experience of the L'Automobile Group with the exclusivity of the Audi offer.


The need of our customer was to understand the possible gaps in their sales process related to vehicles and optimize the current operating flows, analyzing the defects that compromised every day the internal processes of the company.

02 |Brief

A targeted strategy

To optimize the sales process we decided to adopt a Value Stream Mapping. A graphical visualization method that includes all the processes and activities that contribute to the realization of a product, starting directly from the supplier, passing through the whole assembly line up to the delivery of the finished product. The basis for the analysis of the value chain was therefore not simply the improvement of the individual process, but the overall and continuous optimization.

03 |Workflow

Our Solution

Thanks to the study carried out on the employees in the company, it was possible to analyze each production flow in order to identify the points of intervention. In addition, an in-house training process has been introduced to provide all personnel with the tools needed to understand the new sales process. Finally, we have identified two types of solutions: “Quick Win“ and “Project“ for the overall improvement of the sales process.

Targeted interviews

To make employees an active part of the study, we conducted in-depth 1to1 interviews, during different working days, in all departments of the company, retracing the usual flow of a sale: Reception, Sales and Back Office, also including management processes

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Company training

We discussed the shortcomings in the sales process together, proposing to Audi Roma the optimized procedures for Audi Global’s customer care. We also proposed a recurring investment in staff training to actively prepare them for what would be the rapid changes in the automotive market.

Quick Win & Project

Every intervention of reduction of the blocking activities for the process has been carried out according to two very specific paths inside the business units: the "Quick Win" is a visible improvement proposal, which brings an immediate tangible advantage and can be quickly delivered to solve a problem; the "Project" solution was taken where the entire process needed to be recalibrated. It requires the start of a real medium or long-term project, with repercussions on the managerial aspects.

04 |Outcome


Thanks to the implementation of the new process for the sale of the new, we have obtained more streamlined and faster flows, greater communication between departments and a renewed image in the reception and care of the customer from the first contact.


test drive carried out in the dealership and converted to lead


customer satisfaction


Reduction of the average times of delivery of the car to the final customer

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