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01 |Overview

The Client

Arken S.p.A. was founded 25 years ago in Sora (Frosinone, Italy). Today it is a leading company in the production of modular store furnishings, accessories, display cases, furniture elements and mannequins. The continuous search for innovative and original solutions has led the company to compete successfully in international markets.


In the early 2020s, the Covid-19 health emergency accelerated phenomena such as Smart Working. The client's need was to expand the range of products offered and adapt to new consumer behavior patterns, both related to new work habits and values. In this context, Arken chose Kromin to innovate, embrace uncertainty and turn it into opportunity.

02 |Brief

A targeted strategy

The Client, in collaboration with the CRF Research Organization, designed new items related to remote work. In addition, thanks to the CALL FOR IDEAS reserved for students of the Degree Course in Design and Product Design at Sapienza University of Rome, proposals were developed for the realization of a new product, capable of solving the performance of remote work and satisfying the needs and desires of those in Smart Working.

03 |Workflow

Our Solution

This is the birth of Bysmart, the new satellite brand of Arken S.p.A., focused on the sale of home office workstations for remote work.

Inbound Marketing

We took care of the entire Marketing strategy, defining the identity of the new Brand, in response to new consumer behavior patterns related to new work habits. We took up the values of the parent company, such as Made in Italy and craftsmanship, and the company's new values, related to the environmental impact of production and recycling of materials. To increase Brand awareness and stimulate intention to buy, we created a Content Strategy that would promote the new furniture from a renewed, sustainable and digitized perspective. We created dynamic renderings thanks to Motion Design, technical graphics and assembly support videos that could be downloaded from the QR located on the printed instructions.

body Bysmart


The first goal was: Brand Awareness and Brand Positioning. After conducting a study on the Target and identifying the target Buyer Personas, we created the Responsive Website and integrated e-commerce. The navigation organization and visual appearance were made according to the new products, anticipating the demand for information about the purchase of these. At the same time, articles related to Smart Working were created for the Company Blog: tips on how to better manage the balance between free time and work, the advantages of working from home, insights on Home Working, Interior Design and all useful tips for those who work remotely.

Social Media Management

Thanks to our Creative Communication department, we proposed creative solutions that would enhance the perception of the Brand, reaching the interest of thousands of users. Ad hoc Landing Pages, A/B Testing and Advertising Campaigns were assigned to the products.


The campaigns created for the product launches were designed to overcome the limitations dictated by the pandemic, satisfying the needs of customers with an integrated Customer Journey between offline and online. Consumers were given the opportunity to request a free sample of the materials, so they could touch the finishes, materials and colors from their own homes and in extreme safety.

The sample was delivered to customers in the form of a frame recycled from waste materials. This fulfilled the promise of sustainability made at the company's inception by regenerating a product to new life, and increases Brand Equity and Brand Loyalty.

04 |Outcome


Our preliminary research, the experience of Arken S.p.A, and the application of new market trends related to Digital Marketing have allowed us to achieve incredibly satisfying results:



slash“Simplifying consumers' lives and empowering them to be able to create their own home environment has been one of our main goals. We succeeded by creating a user-friendly platform and telling the story of the brand in all its aspects”.


Pasquale Gallo


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