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01 |Overview

The client

Enel Green Power is the Enel Group company dedicated to developing and managing power generated from renewable sources. With more than 1,200 plants, Enel Green Power is present in 28 countries across 5 continents.


Enel Green Power needed to energise, enliven and strengthen its relationship with its employees. With this in mind, our partner Luther Dsgn came up with the idea of holding a global corporate contest against the background of the numerous team building programmes that have taken place over the years. The contest would involve more than 8,000 employees from 29 different countries.

Through this Creative Talent Contest, every EGP employee would get the opportunity to reveal their hidden talents in a video performance designed to showcase them, while the brand would experiment with creatively reinterpreting its values by assuming the role of a media company.

02 |Brief

A targeted strategy

In order to implement a strategy consistent with both the company’s needs and the activities proposed by Luther Dsgn, a series of analytical briefing sessions were initiated.

The aim was to identify the key factors to ensure the application architecture provided a user-friendly and one-of-a-kind experience, transforming the proposed contest into a unique opportunity for the client and a memorable event for its employees.

03 |Workflow

Our solutions

To ensure efficiency and effectiveness throughout the project (9 months), we mapped all the branches of communication across the different communication channels used. Our analyses revealed the need to develop two separate platforms, each custom-made for the company.

Communication framework

The first concerned a WordPress application showing all the stages of the contest, the company blog, the FAQ and the rules, all managed on the Seeweb Cloud. The aim of the application was to make every aspect of communication easily updatable.

drop solutions

Web application

To enable employees to actively participate in the contest, a custom Python application was developed on Amazon AWS S3 servers.
The application made it possible for operators to activate the various stages of the contest simply and intuitively and to monitor votes, video views and participants’ progress. The infrastructure incorporated a video upload and transcoding system, which stored the information destined for the application.

Once employees had validated their profile with the right @Enel credentials, they were able enter the company competition, manage their profile, vote for their colleagues and upload new videos, advancing through the stages of the contest all the way to the LIVE Final.

The 10 finalists, from the USA, South America, India and Italy, competed in Rome In the stunning Fuksas' auditorium "The Cloud".

Content management

The consultancy work encompassed more than just the creation of a one-to-many communication system: community management activities took place daily on all communication channels, aligned with the message and values of the brand and the contest itself.


Team cohesion and synergy were key to the project’s success. The application was ready for global launch in record time, thanks to rapid development.

Francesco Monti


Senior Front-End developer

04 |Outcome


Through the series of actions carried out to achieve the target set by Enel Green Power, we achieved the following results:


Video views

Participating countries

Colleagues involved

LIVE auditions around the world

slash“Experimenting with new ventures is very often a necessary leap of faith for innovation. The data collected through EGP’s Talent platform enabled us to create the best possible experience for Enel employees”


Matteo Pulcrano

Senior Back-end developer, Kromin

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