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The Data Driven Strategy for Performance Advertising.

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01 |Overview

The client

EpicTV was founded in Chamonix, France, by an international crew of outdoor lovers, filmmakers with the goal of inspiring passionate sportsmen and women through photo and video content and creating a unique online community. EpicTV collaborates with sports brands such as La Sportiva, Arc'teryx, Black Diamond, Five Ten, Patagonia, and Scarpa, which are also present within the online ”EpicTV Shop.”


As a result of the pandemic and the related increase in online shopping, the global marketplace has undergone a sharp and growing increase in competitiveness. The need for EpicTV Shop was to increase online sales while optimizing costs.

02 |Brief

A targeted strategy

In such a dense and highly complex sales environment, the analysis of KPIs to be aggregated proved to be the only way to guide our strategic choices. Once the methodology and tools needed to achieve the objective were identified, a series of analytical and briefing activities were carried out together with the EpicTV Marketing Team.

03 |Workflow

Our Solutions

The first phase of the project involved us in an in-depth study of sales through interactive data visualization, operated through Tableau.

Sales analytics helped us understand the business, providing insights, trends and metrics useful for Marketing to set goals and predict future sales performance in Advertising. In this context, inventory and a new creative strategy, were the decisive assets for increasing online sales.


We started an extensive e-commerce analysis starting with the extrapolation of the e-commerce history, going through data cleaning and data manipulation operations, where each transaction was enriched by the data in the catalog.


We created automated dashboards, which gave us a much clearer picture of the profitability of the individual markets in which the e-commerce operates, identifying the most profitable countries, product categories, and best-selling products.

Performance Advertising

A well structured strategy on sales analysis provides clarity, especially in favor of online sales strategies. We chose to highlight products by creating distinctive and engaging product creatives each time.

Product creativities were divided by the different product categories: the choice of items was made on the best performing products by screening: cost per add to cart, cost per checkout start, and CTR.

In terms of campaign implementation, we chose to adopt a multichannel approach, taking care of all the necessary content from the Online Shop, to the newsletter, to the social pages.

Performance Advertising

Particular focus was applied to formats that allow the promotion of the entire catalog dynamically. In this way more data was collected about the user by optimizing the delivery and format of our advertising content. Also, we created an automated framework capable of generating dynamic content and automatically rewarding successful creative, making campaign scaling automatic, generating new revenue.

04 |Outcome


Thanks to the work done, we were able to improve sales performance while maximizing profits and leaving costs unchanged.


Cost on advertising spend


Return on advertising spend


Average cart value

slashThis was a challenging and exciting project that saw us involved in the successful implementation of a Data Driven strategy capable of improving the performance of Marketing activities.


Marzia Cappetta

Account Executive

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