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01 |Overview


From the passion for their work and the desire to help others, a new initiative is born: INSIEME. The project represents a real community of professionals and entrepreneurs passionate about management, innovation, communication, leadership and business.

Each member of INSIEME contributes to the growth of the community by providing experience and skills gained in their area of expertise. Economics, finance, universities, journalism, sport, entertainment, creativity, science, art, culture, communication are just some of the topics covered in the webinars of the platform.


The call to action of the project invites everyone to contribute to the creation of the INSIEME community, making their experiences and abilities available, so at Kromin we have chosen to participate, but in our own way.

From the first moment we embraced the ideas and values of the founders, feeling close to the principles that our company also adopts every day in support and development activities on the territory.

Kromin wanted to take part proposing a complete restyling of the platform, both from the point of view of the structure and the interface of the Responsive Website.

02 |Brief

A targeted strategy

Once the methodology and tools needed to achieve the objective have been established, a series of analytical and briefing activities have been executed. The goal was to identify the key factors that would make the INSIEME platform a clear and inclusive experience for users, optimizing the display of video content and improving the graphical interface of the programming of live events in progress and concluded.

03 |The solution

Architecture and User flow

First, we focused on the new architecture of the Responsive Website, rewriting part of the flows and creating a new Tree Diagram. We decided to highlight the main activity of the Community: the planning and sharing of live events on Linkedin. This Social Media is in fact, the real meeting, sharing and dialogue place for the experts of the platform and users.

Our work also focused on the Visual aspect, facilitating the reading of information through the choice of a design inspired by the world of podcasts and TV talk shows.

Insieme macbook
Insieme telephone


From the Design point of view, a complete Restyling has been realized, starting from the symbol of the Community itself: the people.

The first central aspect of the Community is represented by the people who are part of it. For this reason we have opted for the use of the experts’ faces, protagonists of the value message, highlighting aspects such as professionalism and dedication.

“The primary color of the platform takes the unmistakable blue Linkedin, just to connect the community of INSIEME to the main platform in which it operates.”

Logo Animation

Our video production department was responsible for the logo realization. He chose not to change the structure of the static logo, but to characterize it through motion design, making it more dynamic and iconic. To emphasize the concept of collaboration and participation, the professionals of the INSIEME project were also included in the animated logo.

Video Production

To complete the restyling project, the video production department has created a new video proposal to tell the protagonists and the values of the project.

The main objective was to tell the project in an emotional, concise, dynamic and energetic way, pointing out that behind INSIEME there are people who have shared values.

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