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The new interactive platform that shows Jago through his Art.

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01 |Overview

The Client

Jago is one of the most internationally acclaimed contemporary artists working in the field of sculpture and video production. He was born in Frosinone (Italy) in 1987, where he attended the Art School and then the Academy of Fine Arts (left in 2010).

Today, he is one of the most influential artists on social media, having made Sculpture a contemporary medium again. Jago's artistic research is rooted in traditional techniques and establishes a direct connection with the public through the use of videos that show the production process.


The need was to redesign its online image through the restyling of the existing website. A new responsive and multilingual platform that would best represent Jago, valorizing its works and allowing users to easily access useful information on current exhibitions and ticket purchases.


My life is made up of failures, to sculpt something you must first break it.


02 |Brief

A targeted strategy

To implement a strategy tailored to the Client's goals, a series of briefing sessions were set up with Jago and his Team. The aim was to identify the key factors that would make the Responsive Website a unique and exclusive experience for users.

03 |Workflow

The Solution

Web Application

At first we focused on the new architecture of the Responsive Website, rewriting part of the flows and creating a new structure. The classification used for the old hierarchy of the pages was not so user-friendly. Also, the information reported on the old website was unclear and too articulated for the user. Together with the Jago Team, we have collected all the material on the works, from photos and videos to Making of and Virtual Tour, proposing within the pages dedicated to the Works.

The website has been realized by using the CMS Wordpress, and special attention has been paid to ensure maximum performance despite the numerous multimedia contents. The migration from the old to the new site has been done with great care in order not to lose indexation.

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We created a new design focused on both the functionality of the experience and the aesthetics. A key part of the process was the attention to detail on the pages dedicated to the artworks, in which we decided to integrate interactive sections. The user who visits the website can experience the artwork and enjoy it at 360°. The images of the most significant works follow the user along the entire path.

Video Production

In the past, our Creative Communication department had already taken care of the realization of some Media contents for the Artist. A series of videos that showed the figure of Jago through his personality and his works in the biggest exhibitions on the international scene.

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Among the most famous, the video event shot in Naples for the presentation of "Il Figlio Velato", a sculpture created during Jago's stay in New York. We had the pleasure to follow the whole creative process, realizing further shootings in collaboration with Fanpage.

For the exhibition at Palazzo Bonaparte in Piazza Venezia in Rome, the first major exhibition dedicated to the genius of Jago and his artworks, we made a video presentation on the artist and the exhibition curated by Maria Teresa Benedetti.

04 |Outcome


In order to convey the beauty and communicative power of Jago's artwork, we explored new techniques of animation and interaction on the multimedia files within the website, while keeping the overall performance under control.





slash“The goal of creating the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics was an interesting challenge. High-quality visuals and video combined with a sleek, essential design played a central role in creating the project”.



Head Of Design, Kromin

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