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01 |Overview

The client

JTI Italia is the distributor of JTI products in Italy, with 110 employees and 169 agents throughout the country. With a market share of 25.1%, JTI now ranks second in the Italian tobacco market, both for the quality of its products and for recognisable brands such as Camel, Winston, Benson & Hedges, Glamour, American Spirit, Old Holborn e Logic.


JTI was ready to launch Ploom – its next-generation tobacco heater – on the Italian market. A physical event in front of an audience had already been planned; but due to restrictions imposed by Covid-19, an alternative had to be found. Our partner Luther Dsgn proposed an entirely online event for the press and journalists.



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02 |Brief

A targeted strategy

To meet the needs of the company and the activities proposed by Luther Dsgn, a series of analytical briefing sessions were initiated. The aim was to identify all the key elements required for an engaging and exclusive press conference.

03 |Workflow

Our solutions

We therefore created a custom-made WordPress platform that would allow users to view the press conference, paying particular attention to IT security. Access to the event was only granted to those with @JTI reserved access.

To enable interaction between the audience and presenters during the live show, we integrated a live commenting system via a real-time support chat, all managed on an optimised Seeweb Cloud architecture.


To make the event immersive and highly experiential, we implemented an interactive, 360° view of the product launch within the platform: a technology that overcomes the obstacles imposed by the pandemic. The result is a new generation of live streaming, enriched by a visual identity complete with all its elements.

Each participant had a personal account through which they could navigate the platform independently. Through a social media feed, the brand or company could update the participants on the latest news. Still, the core of the platform remains live streaming, enriched with advanced content that generates a unique interactive experience and engagement across boundaries.

04 |Outcome


Thanks to the Ploom presentation event, JTI was able to experience a new way of enhancing its products, positioning itself as a real game changer ready to offer its users unique, cross-media experiences.


PRESS OFFICERS AND JOURNALISTS connected to the digital event

slash“Strategic definition, multi-level communication, high-profile technology and responsiveness in execution times. The synergy of these elements led to the successful launch of Ploom”


Carlo Angeletti

IT & Web Developer, Kromin

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