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01 |Overview

The client

With over 25 years’ experience in the publishing sector and more than 4,000 retail customers, Mantegna is the main hub for the distribution and wholesale of school textbooks in Italy.



of revenues


After years of working together on high-tech side projects, Mantegna set us a new challenge in 2019. In the still relatively undigitalised sector of publishing, the client asked us to carry out a complete restyling of the company website and corporate communication. The project included the integration of a multi-step form for registering new customers that communicates with the company’s CRM, making the process simple and attractive to all stakeholders.

Some of Mantegna’s partners

loghi partner

02 |Brief

A targeted strategy

In order to implement a restyling strategy that met the company’s needs, a series of analytical briefing sessions were launched. The aim was to identify the key factors that would ensure the application architecture provided a user-friendly interface consistent with the corporate communication strategy. In addition, we devised an optimised and simplified process for managing data from new customers.

03 |Workflow

Our solutions

To satisfy the requests, we analysed and created an ad hoc WordPress application, managed on a Seeweb Cloud architecture. It incorporates a registration request form detailing a pre-registration process, which communicates with the company’s ZenDesk systems and centralises the data so it can be segmented in a quick and structured way, improving the onboarding performance of new customers.



At the same time, a new communication strategy was devised which included the development of an integrated editorial plan with both direct email marketing and social media marketing. The sole purpose of the communication line used exclusively for advertising was to sponsor targeted communications to retailers and generate profiled traffic. Once redirected to the website, via the contact form we implemented, users were transformed into leads.

Using a Funnel Marketing strategy applied to DEM, we were able to improve the relationship between the company and its customers, build loyalty, acquire new customers and inform suppliers about the company’s activities.







The responsive website was also equipped with a Press Kit, a pre-packaged set of promotional material that provides information about the company’s brand and sets out its visual identity guidelines. This tool enables quick and prompt communication, increasing the perceived brand quality.

Finally, a Mantegna profile was created on WhatsApp Business to take advantage of instant messaging and improve the quality of services through direct communication with customers.

04 |Outcome


The extensive B2B and B2C analysis work carried out for Mantegna and the actions taken to digitalise the company’s internal processes have enabled us to achieve the following results:


Conversion rate


Website usage

slash“Analysis, segmentation and execution are key to proposing effective content tailored to the customer’s needs”


Pasquale Gallo

Senior SMM & Copywriter, Kromin

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