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01 |Overview

The Client

Maui Jim is a US company that produces and markets eyewear. Present in more than 100 countries and with more than 3200 stores, it is the largest independent eyewear brand in the world. Among the closest competitors: Ray-Ban and Oakley.


Maui Jim wanted to increase their sales globally and measure the performance of physical stores.

The company also needed to start data collection aimed at improving strategic decisions about the production phase.

02 |Brief

A targeted strategy

Once our partner Idib group identified the methodology and tools necessary to achieve the pre-established KPIs, it was decided to create a Gamification strategy useful for both stores and end customers.A cash back program was implemented, based on the quantity of sales and monitored throughout the process, which allows the collection of fundamental data for the planning of production plants and for market forecasts.This includes, in parallel, an improvement in sales deriving from the commitment of the stores to cash back sales.

03 |Workflow

Our solutions

Web application

We have provided a latest generation application designed to allow the registration of sales by Store Managers and other operators, creating a special area to redeem the rewards related to the sales made by them.

The right bait

Thanks to the partnership with Visa®, 6 million dollars in target prizes have been allocated for users of the platform. The rewards are then redeemed by them through Visa® prepaid cards.An accurate deployment system has been created to allow coordination between the areas where the customer has introduced the cash back system (North America, Canada and Australia).

body Maui
Body Maui

Design and flows

The design and flows studied by Idib group allow users to experience a family environment linked to the brand. A Web application easy to navigate and understandable, optimized for the achievement of objectives.

Solid technologies as a beating heart

A modern web app, summarized in a single page application in React + Redux with translation into 4 languages, supported by a back-end in Laravel, guarantees unlimited performance and scalability, thanks also to the use of an Amazon AWS server infrastructure.

04 |Outcome


Increase sales, production forecasts, inventory rotation, areas of interest, tastes of each geographical area, manage custom campaigns by state, create a loyalty program that generates customer trust and comeback. These were the demands and these were the results.


Active users in less than 3 months from the launch in America and Australia.


stores managed and active (on only 3 continents)


million data collected each month on products, customers and stores

slash“An exciting and innovative project that involved us, together with our partner Idib group, in its entire implementation. The results achieved have gone beyond our expectations and underline even more the commitment made and completed by the entire team.“



Co-founder | Head of Back-End, Kromin

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