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01 |Overview

The Customer

For 20 years, Translated has been offering professional translation services to more than 201’101 clients, in 155 languages and 40 areas of specialization thanks to a sophisticated combination of human creativity and artificial intelligence, that allows people to make quality translations without sacrificing productivity.


At the end of a project to renew the entire infrastructure and brand image, Translated has chosen to focus on boosting up the performance and conversion rate of the online platform. The attention of the company falls mainly on the Preventive tool, necessary for the estimation of the translations on the user side. The request by Translated was therefore to optimize the UI/UX in terms of usability and performance, according to the guidelines of the Design System developed during the re-brand.



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02 |Brief

A targeted strategy

We have identified both the problems that made the application difficult to use, and including the factors that could improve the same, ensuring the proper functioning and renewed image of the brand to the end user.


03 |Workflow

Our solutions

Optimization of the User Experience

Thanks to the design guidelines designed by Frog Design and the analysis through monitoring and performance evaluation tools, we were able to limit the main malfunctions of the Tool Quoter.

In particular, bottlenecks were identified that compromised the user’s browsing experience, which could not prioritize key information along the different stages of the estimate.

We then optimized the file loading function, improved the UI of the entire user interface, introducing the ability to customize the estimation request.


We have created an API system that can process 90% of existing file formats. The system, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, includes Text Recognition and Multiprocessing processes that speed up response times and provide the end user with a quotation of texts based on three primary parameters: number of words, delivery time and type of document.

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I chose to work with the Kromin Team because it always knows how to solve every problem, optimizing delivery times and achieving impeccable results.


Founder - Translated

Monitoring system

To keep the Preventive Tool highly performing, we have chosen to apply a monitoring system that tracks the user’s navigation, examines any errors on the interface and reports the malfunction of the same.

In collaboration with the Translated IT Team we have initialized a system of analysis of the Conversion Rate and/or Unbounce Rate during the purchase flows, completely reducing the risk of economic loss by the company.

04 |Outcome


Our targeted interventions and the analysis of the data carried out on the application, have allowed us to achieve incredibly satisfactory results:


Conversion rate



slash“We worked with fantastic teams, both inside and outside as "Frog Design", throughout the rebranding process. The whole project carried out by Translated, was really incredible and challenging.”



Co-founder | Head of Front-End, Kromin

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