Let's find out together
what you are capable of

The strong will, the desire to get involved and learn are values in which Kromin really believes. But now it's your turn.

And after this experience?


You will work with us

We're looking for out-of-the-box people who share our vision and have the same energy as us. We'll provide the support you need and be by your side throughout your growth journey.


We will facilitate your job placement.

Thanks to partnerships with local, national and international companies, you will be included in a Career Mentoring program that will guide you towards a new start in your career.

Types of internships

Extracurricular Internship

The extracurricular internship is aimed at recent graduates/new graduates up to 12 months after obtaining their degree. This experience is oriented towards enrichment of the trainee's knowledge, acquisition of professional skills and job placement. For policy Kromin, the maximum duration of the internship is 6 months including extensions. Requests for extensions beyond 6 months and within 12 months (maximum duration of the extracurricular internship fixed by the regulations in force) are evaluated according to the reason for the extension.

Curricular Internship

The curricular internship is an experience aimed at the completion of university education through the implementation of practical activities outside the University and the acquisition of university training credits (CFU) provided in the educational plans of the courses of study.