We’re on the lookout for
new talents

Like any self-respecting large family we have our share of quirks, more or less bizarre. It may seem difficult to understand at first, but once you’re in, you’ll be hooked.

Not just an ordinary
job application


You will face challenges

Kromin is continually growing, but with clear objectives to achieve. Our clients always deserve the best: at any cost.


You will make a difference

Feel free to approach each project as you see fit. We will always provide you with the appropriate support, but we need people who are out of the ordinary.


You will be part of a team

We are looking for professionals who share our vision and we strongly believe in the value of teamwork.


You will win with us

Your only task will be to give your best and win every challenge with us. We’ll be sure to find a way to celebrate each milestone to the full.

Job vacancies


Full-stack DevSenior

Rome - Frosinone

Front-end DevJunior

Rome - Frosinone

Front-end DevMid

Rome - Frosinone

Back-end DevJunior

Rome - Frosinone

Back-end DevMid

Rome - Frosinone


UI/UX DesignerJunior

Rome - Frosinone

UI/UX DesignerMid

Rome - Frosinone

Have you limited experience, but so much desire to get involved?

Kromin offers internships to give a chance, for the less experienced too, to get started right away a professional career in the digital world.